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Photo Fun

"Our new vacuum cleaner"

It's my shoes, honest!

"It's my shoes, honest!"

Jokes from the Classroom

"Today we're going to have an X Rated movie. You're going to see a Film Strip!"

"You shouldn't be concerned about this examination I'm giving. Why
I took it last night and made a C+."

"Don't take me literally when I say keep your eyes on the board and
I'll go through it again."

"What is a chain store?"
"A biker's accessory shop."

Revenge of the Cheerleader

Once another teacher and I convinced a group of cheer leaders that
the reason basketball referees take the ball out of bounds is to replace
it with a left handed ball for left handed players. We explained that
air was pumped into it from a different side to give it balance. Years
later one of those cheer leaders got even by becoming a teacher herself
and when I was first retired and substituting she requested me for her
English class. The plans she left for me were printed from right to
left. She explained that all she had to write on was left handed paper!


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